Velfac Windows & Doors in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire

VELFAC windows and doors in Surrey and Hampshire.

Cedar Views Chobham is proud to supply VELFAC windows and doors to homeowners in Surrey and Hampshire. 

VELFAC windows boast a unique combination of warm wood on the inside and durable aluminium on the outside, offering unparalleled thermal efficiency and long-lasting durability. 

With their slim frames, these windows allow maximum natural light to flood your home, giving it a modern and sophisticated touch. Each VELFAC window is custom-made to perfectly fit your space and can be tailored to your personal preferences and requirements. Experience the superior quality and timeless elegance of VELFAC windows and doors at Cedar Views Chobham.

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Be Inspired for your project

We love this case study from VELFAC showcasing their range on a stunning renovation project.

Key benefits with VELFAC windows

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Daylight optimization

Valfec 54mm frame enhances the amount of glass in a window, allowing for 25% more natural light to enter your home as compared to regular options. This helps decrease the requirement for artificial lighting.

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Energy efficient

By opting for energy-efficient doors and windows, you can greatly decrease your energy expenses. VELFAC windows, in particular, are well-known for their exceptional track record in providing high energy performance.

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Low environmental impact

VELFAC windows and doors are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, as well as their utilization of sustainable materials to promote energy efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption and expenses.

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Noise reduction

VELFAC glazing is specifically engineered to diminish the intrusion of undesired noise, such as bustling traffic and other external disturbances.

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Low maintenance

Our high-quality composite alu/wood windows and doors are constructed using top-notch materials and are specifically designed to require minimal upkeep, all while maintaining excellent energy efficiency standards.

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Burglar protection

VELFAC windows and doors can resist damage inflicted by burglars using common tools, and withstand more serious attempt to buckle or deform entry or glazed doors.


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